NASA Seeks Master Developer Partner for Enterprise Park at Stennis Space Center

NASA has opened a search for a non-federal partner to lead in development of a 1,100-acre technology corridor called Enterprise Park at Stennis Space Center near Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.

An official Notice of Availability has been posted online at (reference NOA # 80SSC018L0004). Official responses to the Notice of Availability are due on Jan. 12, 2018. Stennis has scheduled an Industry Day on Feb. 7, 2018, where interested parties can learn more about the Enterprise Park opportunity.

The objective of the NOA is to identify a private or public entity to enter into a structured partnership with NASA to lead in the multiphased development and longterm operation of the park, located at the nation’s largest rocket engine test facility. Stennis serves as the space agency’s primary Rocket Propulsion Test Center for both government and commercial customers, and is also a “federal city” home to more than 40 federal, state, academic and commercial entities with a combined, growing workforce of approximately 5,000 people.

Development of Enterprise Park is designed to enable private sector participation in space exploration, to support commercial space transportation activities, to promote commercial development of technologies for use in space and on Earth, and to provide opportunities for companies and other organizations to co-locate at Stennis to support the missions of existing federal city tenants at Stennis.

Stennis Space Center is located on 13,800 acres of secured government property, surrounded by 125,000 acres of leased/owned land, controlled by a perpetual easement that serves as an acoustical buffer zone for the rocket test activities. Established in 1961 to test rocket engines and stages that carried humans to the moon during the Apollo Program, NASA also tested engines that powered all 135 space shuttle missions at Stennis. The agency currently is testing engines for its new deep-space rocket, the Space Launch System, at the site as well.

Recent master planning efforts identified a need for a technology park area at Stennis Space Center, and the first phase of the Enterprise Park focuses on 1,100 acres identified as the most development ready. The property is located on the northern edge of the 13,800-acre secured area and includes sites both inside and outside the security perimeter.

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