Palazzo Joins NASA Caucus

Washington, D.C. Congressman Steven Palazzo (MS-04) has joined the bipartisan House National Aeronautics and Space Administration Caucus which will focus on the importance of NASA and its initiatives toward strengthening our American Space Program.

“As the former Chairman of the House Space Subcommittee, I look forward to coming together to help advance NASA’s mission to pioneer the future in space exploration, scientific discovery, and aeronautics research. I believe we have a widespread commitment to help NASA’s goals come to fruition through Congress and this Administration.  We must continue down the road map to success until we once again launch American astronauts, on American rockets, from American soil.”

“I’m also proud to represent Mississippi’s 4th District, home to Stennis Space Center. Today I attended their testing of the RS-25 flight engine on the A-1 test stand, that is set to be used by the Space Launch System. Stennis continues to lead the way in advancing our American Space program.  In fact, it is well known that you can’t get to space without going through Mississippi first.”

During his time as the Subcommittee Chairman, Congressman Palazzo introduced legislation to reauthorize NASA that passed the House on multiple occasions. In March, President Trump signed legislation to reauthorize NASA for the first time in seven years. Congressman Palazzo has also recently met with Vice President Pence to discuss the re-established National Space Council.

The John C. Stennis Space Center is located in Hancock County and is NASA’s largest rocket engine testing facility.

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