Partners for Stennis Space Center Meet with Mississippi Legislators at the Capitol

Members of Partners for Stennis traveled to Jackson March 21st and 22nd for the Annual Capitol Day with NASA and resident agencies and contractors.  The two day event kicked off with a reception at The Fairview Inn, sponsored by Aerojet Rocketdyne, honoring Coast Legislators and State leaders for their support of activities at Stennis Space Center.

Members of Partners were also on hand on March 22nd with exhibits in the Capitol Rotunda.  Astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson was introduced to the Senate and officials from Stennis were recognized by Senator Philip Moran and Lt. Governor Tate Reeves.

During visits with legislators, information was provided on Stennis as a model for government efficiency.  The group also provided information on the restricted airspace at Stennis, Navy operations, the Shared Services Center and INFINITY Science Center.

Partners for Stennis Set to Travel to DC for National Fly-in

During Capitol activities, McDaniel announced that the next initiative for Partners for Stennis is to travel to DC as part of the annual National Coalition, Citizens for Space Exploration (CSE).  Each year members of Partners travel to DC to meet with members of Congress from Louisiana and Mississippi.  This year, the trip will be May 23-25. Last year, CSE took 89 travelers to Capitol Hill for 407 face to face meetings.  This year we plan to do even more. CSE is a multi-state grassroots space advocacy group.  This group of concerned citizens has been meeting with members of Congress for the past 25 years to advocate for the importance of a robust human space exploration program and a fully-funded NASA budget.  Last year, the message of the Coalition is “Don’t Stop the Countdown for Human Missions to Deep Space.”  Specifically, the group asked Congress to extend ISS (International Space Station) beyond 2024; provide commercial crew to service the ISS by 2017; enable the US to explore beyond low-earth orbit using Orion and SLS as critical capabilities; and, provide an incremental, international approach to putting people on Mars by 2035.

Local efforts also include promoting the expansion of Navy operations at Stennis.  The group also supported removing the sunset clause for NASA’s enhanced use lease authority (EULA).  Congress extended the clause for another year.  Partners members believe that EULA is an important tool for the agency in managing its extensive property inventory, especially at Stennis where partnerships continue to play an important role for this unique federal city.  Partners believes that using EULA as an important economic development tool is a viable option for commercial companies;  and, should be continued and even expanded and improved to be as attractive to developers as possible.  This helps NASA centers enter into leases of underutilized but non-excess NASA real property with private sector entities, academic institutions, and state and local governments.

Partners for Stennis is a coalition of Mississippi and Louisiana citizens and businesses who advocate for space, earth and ocean exploration.  Through the tremendous resources of the Stennis Space Center region, members are volunteer representatives from businesses, chambers of commerce, economic development foundations, educational institutions, local governments, community groups and private citizens. To find out more, go to: or call 228-467-9048.  Memberships start at $250 for businesses and $100 for individuals.



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