Partners for Stennis & Michoud is a regional catalyst for growth in the two state region of Mississippi and Louisiana.

Partners members provide leadership to develop, sponsor and support a wide range of projects to promote, enhance and grow opportunities through these unique federal and commercial assets at Stennis Space Center and Michoud Assembly Facility.

Leadership is a choice. You can play a role as a citizen and business for space, earth and ocean exploration. Get involved and participate as an active member of Partners through one or all of the many programs we offer.

To learn more about programs through Partners for Stennis, click through the links below:

Capitol Day

Each year members of Partners for Stennis & Michoud travel to the Mississippi State Capitol in Jackson to promote the value of Stennis Space Center to our state lawmakers.  They also support Marshall Space Flight Center each year with a Capitol Day in Baton Rouge.

Citizens for Space Exploration

Partners for Stennis is a founding member of Citizens For Space Exploration, a multi-state organization comprised of U.S. taxpayers who support America’s investment in space exploration.

Center Director’s Briefing

Each year Partners host a briefing by the Center Director at Stennis, which also includes briefings from the Marshall Space Flight Center and NAVY operations at Stennis.

Speakers Bureau

The NASA Speakers Bureau Program has been established to share how space program technology affects our daily lives.