U.S. Chamber Presents LAUNCH: The Path to Artemis III on 2/17/21

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with the Huntsville-Madison County Chamber of Commerce will convene a policy discussion, “Path to Artemis III: Future of Human Deep Space Exploration,” focused on the role of Marshall Space Flight Center and greater Huntsville’s industrial capabilities in developing the necessary technology and hardware for sustained U.S. lunar operations.

Get ready to hear from:

  • The Honorable Steven Palazzo, State of Mississippi
  • The Honorable Terri Sewell, State of Alabama
  • David Levy, Chair of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Procurement and Space Industry Council
  • Marcia Lindstrom, SLS Strategic Communications Manager, NASA SLS Program, Marshall Space Flight Center
  • Lisa Watson-Morgan, Human Landing System Program Manager, Marshall Space Flight Center, AL
  • Destin Sandlin, Host of “Smarter Every Day”
  • Jody Singer, Director, Marshall Space Flight Center, AL
  • Michael Ward, Senior Vice President, Government & Public Affairs, Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce
  • Christian Zur, Executive Director of the Procurement and Space Industry Council, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Register here: https://events.uschamber.com/a1/begin?ref=uscc

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